When you see, what is looking?

high dimensional vortex

, ghost. distill spirits into science. ask you my name you say in mirror symmetry. rising non-linear wave! but a coolness in reflection, stable for the beast whose particles mismatch; slow wave, rise, upon rise, deaf to the impact of your sound, till overtones hint: godspeed. reduce genes in groups, abstract likenesses, self in superposition, super-man before pheno-man. battle before time, and surf this damned wave air flow fires ‘neath netherworlds I come from.

merely infinite, calm of the most high, lend me words to speak at the limit. of applied paradigm. modality, modality, reduct and infuse, gentle speech, silence; vibrations of cancelling┬ápossibility, a plane now sphere I traverse, we commend, they askew, god forbid, death to death to, pieces of peace come at the price of price and such: birth to birth to ideas of ideas, the philosophy of philosophy, meet new physical conditions for an economic economy based in–yes, mirror symmetry, projected like a sphere into hyperspheres, not unlike a cube into hypercubes, bubble mind-body expanse of spirit; modality, modality, lending nuances to the direction, orthogone, projected, encoded: Hegelian alien, meet my mismatched particles.