Performance art leads us to consider the line of conventional social behavior. The arts and sciences successively lead us beyond it, and force us to redraw this line. Specifically, modern art, mathematical sciences, and technological environments have led to the abstraction of thought. Since the nature of thought is an embodied cognition, its abstraction leads to an abstraction of behavior, or abstract actions of thought. Therefore, I pursue a theory of generative thought, which is manifest in emergent modes of behavior.

The human represents a transcendental network of connection between the world, and ultimately tends to become an abstract expression of the truths inherent in those connections, as manifest in new artworks and philosophies. I seek to objectify this experience, to exemplify its process by generating new concepts in a systematic performativity.

The performance of experience leads one to species of sensation (internally or externally perceived). These are plastic organs of the mind. One can methodically find and mix such modalities in an algebra of thought, to produce new thought forms by their creative conjunctions. The gestalt artform represents a stabilized conjunction of modalities. Itself emerging from the research and cultivation of prior modalities.

‘Gestalt art’ is an advanced application of the Modality thesis. The term has dual senses: the subjective gestalt is an encompassing modality that enables the mind’s relational potential (for modal conjunction). The objective gestalt is the external behavior which follows this conjunction, or simply stated: it is a new art form specifiable through taxonomic approximation.

Note: in the current edition of these pages, ‘gestalt’ is used in two senses. Its dual use reflects the externalization of the senses in technology. The objectification of the senses through mathematically consistent rules merits use of the term. However, the term is not limited to the technological implementation, rather, it reflects the externalization of a mode of perception in a determination of a new behavior. Whether that is a new media artifact, or a particular form of dance, simply reflects the nature of the subjective gestalt at play. In this case, whether it is for scientific or artistic applications.

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