How far will you go to find your answers?

that is a quantum question. There is a potential field, which shifts as parts collapse, and expands accordingly from a sphere of mind onto an infinite plane of implications. How far will I go to find my answers? I’m still figuring out what this question means to me. Most glaringly, I am willing to dive into the jungle of technology (language let it be natural (philo-lingual body moves, monkey)) and the social entrepreneurial world (in search of a pattern) in search partly for enough capital leverage to dedicate myself fully to the explicit face of pure ideas (meaning, unveil). Although, in the process, philsophies are tested, refined, redefined; the mind grows lean with lumbering efforts, periods of efficiency. Love is in the mix; multitudinous, multidimensional outreach (conjecture, diagramming infinity along single dimensions, glyph), strength of mind, not strength, listening to the spirit move through us; time a crux (mind’s abstract expanse (feel the equation)); again, the quantum question of whether to be, and I am so in a single, fell gesture from words long (form words), not lost; I call them vast. Lets smarts flex against confines (par-cours, pressure release (fear is the mind killer)).